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Making machine part of a service

After a turbuant year of getting started, Chatek has been re-invented to focus on only one theme of customer service, "making machine part of a service".

We believe that making a connected machine part of a service network offers enduring value for better user experience. Chatek is ready to help any clients whose machines/connected products need better user experience to capture and generate more user and business value.

From IoT 1.0 to IoT 2.0

Somewhere between 2012 and 2016, it seemed to be the case that as long as you can connect a device to the Internet, you call it IoT (Internet of Things) product. That's IoT 1.0.

But this is NO LONGER the case starting 2017.

Your home user doesn't want to download one app for one appliance. There simply TOO MANY of them!

Your business user doesn't want to go through all the hassles of getting your app's name, download it from app store, register, and start using your connected products!

In IoT 2.0 era, a user only needs to open her IM app, scans a QR, and she starts using your service.

More than social networks

In today's connected life, social network apps mean more than instant messenging. They support payment, enable shared service with connected product such as bicycle, and effectively make us live INSIDE the Internet.

Chatek team is based in Guangzhou, China, head-quarter to social network giant, WeChat. Backed by 5+ years of IoT system design experience and proven track record for consumer and for business , Chatek is able to help your products and business to better integrate with WeChat API. This practically makes your product available for nearly 900 million users.

Send us email or follow our WeChat Official Account chatekllc for further enquiry.