At the turning point of Internet-of-Things user experience, your user expects to scan a QR code and start using your service.
This, is the beginning of everything about Chatek LLC.

After a year of turbulant start, Chatek team found a clear mission, making machine part of service, around which we serve our clients.

We believe in the user value of integrating machine into a service. We are ready to take on projects that enable businesses to better serve their users from better machine-to-service integration.

IoT user experience, from 1.0 to 2.0

Before 2012, people seemed to call a product IoT-ready as long as it's connected somehow to the Internet. That's IoT 1.0.

After 2012, things are different.

Your users are no longer patient enough to download a native app to use your connected product or service. Because there simply too many of them!

In IoT 2.0 era, user expects to use your connected product by just scanning a QR code via her instant messaging app!

A natural evolution of social networks

In today's connected life-style, social apps are no longer for chatting. They are your personal payment gateway and entry point into connected products, such as openning a shared bike and use immediately.

Chatek team is head-quartered in Guangzhou China, where WeChat head-quarter is. We are experienced team with WeChat API since 2012. We built enterprise-grade IoT products, whether it's consumer facing or for enterprise applications.

Embracing the Swiss-army knife Instant Messenger

Long gone the days when we have to agonize between whether your brand shall develop your own iOS or Android app. When in doubt and with the spririt of starting small, we always recommend our clients using either mobile web app (inside WeChat) or WeChat Mini-app/小程序 for launching their 1st version of mobile user experience.

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