Overtime, Chatek's business has evolved into a multi-team efforts for different projects, such as the giant ecosystem under DuoNB Foundation, which our team(s) are just a small part of.

As we progress our businesses and build more startups, we need ready-to-go entities to organize work and get paid. So we list the currently active team(s) and members here to keep things organized.

DuoNB Solutions LLC (Shunde)

DuoNB Solutions LLC (Shunde), or DS for short, is a new initiative and legal entity we're incubating. It's meant to become the global B2B business executive team under DuoNB Foundation.


  • Matias Wen, CEO (trainee), in charge of overall strategy, operations and financing of DS
  • Javen Zheng, CMO, in charge of marketing and content strategy and execution, and also overseas DuoNB for STEAM initiative to serve educational demands around DuoNB Framework and the knowledge projects that are necessary to support longer term growth of DS.
  • Chance Jiang, Interim CEO, mentor and coach of Matias Wen

DS has a top of its kind Board of Directors, which shall remain undisclosed for now.


STLDAO is the governance body of Sustainable Living Tech Conference (SLTConf), by which we're organizing content-driven consulting and PR businesses under SLTConf. SLTDAO includes non-equity and non-transferrable partners such as CACTTC - China Africa Center for Tech Transfer and Commercialization.


  • Chance Jiang, Producer (Chief)
  • Javen Zheng, Producer (Deputy Chief)
  • Hosting Contributors,
    • Mohamad Ali Omer, Somalia
    • Allen Y., China
    • ZoomQuiet, China
  • Guest Contributors,
    • Mark (Mr. G), South Africa