Simon Leung, CTO

Simon worked in Amazon US (Seattle) as software engineer. He was member of the Fit product team that helps Amazon fashion buyers to have personalised purchase recommendations from a big SKU database. In 2016, Simon worked on his own startup in China and lead an engineering team to build a machine data analytics tool (SaaS) product.

Chance Jiang, Solution Consultant

Chance Jiang loves designing and building IoT systems that can improve human conditions. He consults for Chatek teams on product design and customer care.

Since 2010, he's been working on systems around Internet of Things, social networks (WeChat in particular) and digital retail services. In 2012, he lead a team who designed and built the first connected product leveraging WeChat API, Welomo. In between 2009~2012, he built his 1st connected product for enterprise market, a receipt printer with web API.

Chance's designs have been widely copied in China since their launches.