Chance's Status Update for 2023 Q4

A summary on Chance's work and life in Q4 2023. and draft outlook for 2024.

Chance's Status Update for 2023 Q4
Photo by Bill Mead / Unsplash
A summary on Chance's work and life in Q4 2023. and draft outlook for 2024.


Early December, I joined a very effective and hands-on parenting coaching service and gained new insights on my own Mental Models and Emotional Models and how they've been working together to drive my work and life. I dived deeper into how I can become a better father and set a good model for kid by firstly rebuilding my emotional connections both inward and outward.

I was seen as the "Super AI" by "normal people" who can drive everything through logic and reasoning firstly, then hopefully more driven by my own emtional intelligence.

Work - Redefining DuoNB

It's exciting to be able to help 760 million people to gain affordable electricity, and the 2.9 billion people to access the Internet, with a relatively SIMPLE but POWERFUL design!

In later 2021, I helped started DuoNB, the tech stack for enabling next generation of decentralized energy, networking and content infrastructure for sustainable home, a humble start towards daring goals, indeed.

While quickly wrapping up the failed venture in Q3, I was busy redefining the sleepy DuoNB community, a consortium of innovators and builders. I've been supporting core startups' leaders to iron out their go-to-market of DuoNB's 1st milestone product, DuoBattery. I was also redefining the top level strategies as on how to talk about what we build and what we do. Being the master 'narrative designer' of DuoNB gives me tons of joy and satisfaction since day one.

We've tentatively nailed the idea of running SLTConf - Sustainable Living Technology Conference as DuoNB's next focus of community engagement. I worked with the core teams of DuoNB stack, and the many great African community and government partners.

I think I'm leveraging my own personality traits the best with DuoNB, ONLY working on the cutting-edge makes me feel safe. That's why I chose to pick a role in DuoNB, and see where we can go.

No one in DuoNB seems to worry about long-term funding, because DuoNB is trying to help at least 760 million people's basic living needs! But we need to be strategic and deliberate on how to generate sustainable revenue on the active DuoNB projects like SLTConf. My own tech startup's service and tech that are supposed to drive Run the Numbers conversations in SLTConf also means sustainable revenue for the team(s).


DuoNB itself has a giant partners' community globally, I can only highlight a few new and notable ones who's committed to working with me (and DuoNB in turn).

Jason (Canada), who's working as actuary and insurance profession all his life, and an innovator at his hearts. We admired each other for our own strengths and we're figuring out new ventures that could drive DuoNB's long term development and growth.

Ryan Sy (The Philippines), our core business development partner, who's tracking Chatek's projects and tech (designs) and has been following up with our status since day one. I'm super grateful to have such partner whom I've never paid yet for his contribution and work. We've nailed a few tech business ideas and plans for the new year.

Stayed tuned for Q1 2024 status update, and happy new year!