Chance's Status Update for 2024 Q1

A summary on Chance's work and life in Q1 2024

Chance's Status Update for 2024 Q1
Photo by James Wiseman / Unsplash
A summary on Chance's work and life in Q1 2024

Life: Settling Down at New Condo

My family has finally gotten used to the new location and apartment. Each of us has adjusted ourselves well with the commute, neighborhood and life-style afforded by this new location and quarter.

I've gained a refreshed understanding on my role as father of a teenager, who himself has been a self-driven learner, and engineer loving hands-on jobs, like assembling and fixing bikes.

I've made progress in building more emotional rapport with family, by connecting my deep emotional senses into every decision I'm making. Not everything shall be driven by reason and logic. LOL.

Work: Lighting Up Africa with DuoNB

DuoNB Foundation core team(s) onboarded new members who's proven themselves to be the top talents in their own fields, such as Derek Wong on Direct Current home appliances product design, manufacturing and distribution. Derek will also coach DuoNB Solutions LLC (Shunde) founder team, which I am a member of, to kick start the international branch of DuoNB supply chain startup(s) around China. KUDOs to Allen You and the rest of us who's been working as loosely coupled partners in the ecosystem of DuoNB Framework.

The Pivot to DC Home System & OBM Franchises

Allen's 1 year effort in executing the latest pivot, from optical sub-system to DC home sub-system centering around home batteries, has proven to be quite effective and we are seeing a fast growing list of DuoNB Authorized Resellers, such as SinoSom (Somalia), Hagains (Ghana) and a new brand from Nigeria. DuoNB's OBM - Original Branding Manufacturing strategy and local stake-holders first business strategy tend to keep attracting interests fast.

I'm seeing a new industry in the baking, exciting time!

Partners: dedicated to making a difference

Starting with CACTTC, we keep attracting new partners (and partner solutions) around the world, especially from Africa.

  • CACTTC - China-Africa Center for Tech Transfer & Commercialization, led by Mohamad Ali Omer, has been connecting talents and African leaders to DuoNB team(s) and community. We've been learning fast from all our African partners by engaging them in regular Partner Calls and sharing notes of learning after the calls, among our core team(s) and partners' teams.
  • PassivHaus (Re-Imagining Risk, Canada), led by Jason Allyne, has been moving fast in helping Canada to tackle her own challenges in lowering rent and cost of living, with his proven PassivHaus sustainable housing solutions. With DuoNB's 1st milestone release, DuoNB DC Home System around DuoBatt (home battery), we will joining force with Jason's team(s) in the Americas and hopefully around the world, to enable a new generation of sustainable housing. Although markets outside of Africa are not DuoNBs current focus, we remain supportive and proactive in helping partners like Jason to build the DREAM HOME for their markets of choice.

In summary, Q1 2024 was all about setting the stage for global business ops, recruiting top talents, and framing/polishing growth tactics. We'll focus on resourcing, fund-raising and more effective business dev in upcoming quarters of 2024.