August 23, 2018, Chatek team is pleased to announce the limited availability of a private beta version of KakaBox, in partnership with The Force Lab, China Telecom Guangzhou.

KakaBox Private Beta for NB-IoT and sensor networks

KakaBox is an IoT developer kit that can simplify and streamline edge computing development and production, such as DTU (Data Transmission Unit). It focuses on building API-in-a-box for sensor networks such as China Telecom's newly minted NB-IoT networks. China Telecom finished NB-IoT coverage over entire mainland China by late 2017.

KakaBox (Beta) is first released as private beta for an educational institution in Guangzhou, who's been seeking innovative Internet-of-Things courseware to enrich their offering for students. We are happy that KakaBox is part of their efforts in training future IoT developers and managers.

KakaBox, a major milestone for Chatek

KakaBox is a major milestone in Chatek LLC's history since its founding in late 2016. It enables Chatek team to simplify IoT integration service, by streamlining the design and deployment of DTU (Data Transmission Unit) together with the cloud APIs that shall come with the devices via this DTU.

While KakaBox started its life supporting NB-IoT networking, it also supports Wifi and other local area protocols. Although in a simpler sense, KakaBox is just but an IoT gateway, its tight integration with cloud-API from design to deployment, makes it really fast and seamless to work with from developers' point of views.

A Triumph of Open Source

While we've been seeing way too many IoT platform providers offered products that tend to relentlessly lock-in customers and clients' data, Chatek takes a different approach. We are open sourcing the firmware as well as its cloud API layer as app container such as Docker image, so that developers can either leverage Chatek's managed hosting service or deploy on-premise on their own hosting service of choice.

1st Step for Many Excitements to Come

As IoT industry keep evolving at a fast pace, we are excited to contribute our design and talents to enrich total offering on the market. Since more and more software developers are turning their eyes towards IoT, they are increasingly in need a unified programming IoT environment where they can leverage expertise they've acculumated over the years as software developers, such as server side JavaScript and Nodejs. With KakaBox, now they only need JavaScript to build everything from the easy-to-go template projects we're coming up, for fun and profits.

About Chatek LLC

Chatek LLC is specialized on IoT product design, development and integration. We help client seamlessly integrate connected products into their digital service.

About The Force Lab

The Force Lab, or TFL is a community for connected product managers, designers and developers. Her mission is driving business growth with product innovation. They match innovative tech and service providers with clients on a daily basis. By working closely with China Telecom partners, they are able to solve the last mile challenge from innovation to production.

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