Micro-service programming frameworks and WeChat Mini-app (or Mini-program/小程序) give rise to a new way to deliver your brand's experience to China market.
And, your Shopify workflow stays the same!

When Mark Hutchison, owner of a newly minted jewelry brand Lowndes, asked Chatek team,

"I want my sales team to continue working on our Shopify-based e-commerce site while having a mobile experience for Chinese consumers."

We had a confident answer to a seemingly complex problem, let's synchronize data between Lowndes's Shopify shop and its WeChat Mini-program shop.

When back to office for tech solution, Chatek engineering team quickly drew up a diagram for entire functional features and workflow, by using our years of WeChat API experiences.

Chance repeated asked me, "Can it be done, at all?"

I answered, "Yes. Since we can mobilize professional Laravel PHP developers, I think we'll be able to make it. Laravel makes it easy to deploy micro-service using PHP already, we shall leverage this new technology capability. We can build that proxy and bridge between Shopify and WeChat Mini-app."

Within two months we had a working version, and we used the remaining time to keep polishing entire user experience util it's current version.

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