Business and Product Pivot in 2022

Business and Product Pivot in 2022
Covid19, slowing economy and team change, since early 2021, Chatek has been through another sleepy time until today. As a Buddhist style business, after a few pivots since Oct 2017, we're on on track again for something new and exciting. I'll high-light and reconnect the dots since late 2019.

First thing first.

March, 2021 ~ now, we've been passively handling client requests for work and consultation, like WeChat MiniApp design, China patent/software copy rights application. Most importantly, we've found new ways to leverage the software and hardware assets previous team built. It's started out as a generic PoC for an internal IoT project in 2018. By early 2022, we've decided to rebrand the stack, previously OpenTiko and KakaBox, into ONE thing, Scan3. as an open source 3-in-1 scanner (QR/Barcode/NFC) kits for builders. We're refactoring the code to be released as a new open source project, Open Scan3. The new mission of Scan3 is to enable developers around the world to mimic many 'copy-from-China' QR scanning user experience, such as WeChat Pay's face-to-face payment authorization. More excitingly, it can also be used for the AA (Authentication and Authorization) features on all things NFT, such as those on the Sui Networks.

The infrastructure we've worked on has proven to be very stable and useful for developing, testing and hosting any internal and external facing services and apps. They've been working like charm and solid as rock. We practically own our mini-cloud.

Late 2018 ~ May 2019, Chance's been engaged in work with (WF) with Simon's support on the engineering work. We helped build the 1st China deployment of our partner's Internet of Production global networks. WF has been growing strong despite a bit slowdown induced by the global outburst of Covid19 in early 2020. Chatek team remains close partner with current WF China teams and are in many ways trying to leverage the platform to turbo charge whatever we build and ship to our global clients.


Curious as we are, we've never stopped learning the latest and greatest of tech, namely permission-less blockchain and anything with blockchain that are relevant to Chatek's future. It's now generically called Web3 industries. Chatek found a niche in Web3, you guessed it right, by pushing ahead open source Scan3 and the related dApps around leading permission-less crypto platforms.

Scan3 is just one of our steps towards a new future of Chatek in Web3. We've also drafted a few cool dApps and products, which will be announced in due course.

Wrapping Up

We're not the fastest moving team and company for sure. But we're sitting on a wealth of technical talents in China and the hottest economy super power region of the world, the Greater Bay Area of China(粤港澳大湾区).

Since we're slow updating this website, you shall pick whatever product links you found interesting in here, and track them up instead, like subscribing to their respective mailing list, chat channels or twitter.

-- Chance J.