In this over-due annual letter, we review what Chatek team achieved and learned in 2019.

In 2019, Chatek team went through a very busy start of the year with exciting projects we've never done before.

We kick-started a contract development project for, a rising startup on the mission to realise the Internet of Production, which resulted in its China colocation site, (China site)

We were also lucky enough to set our team to work on a Hyper-ledger based test-net commissioned by a leading system integrator in Malaysia. Chatek team's ingenious work on the project resulted in a test-net covering 3 data centres and serve as core data back-end for the client's e-commerce platform.

By leveraging revenue surplus from above projects and a few others, we were able to develop and launch, an attendance tracking solution combining 1) open Internet-of-Things technologies, 2) open hardware, 3) China Telecom's hybrid-cloud facilities.  It's currently in private beta and ready to ship with client requested customisation to becoming part of any platform or systems.

Tikoly private tested at Cross Boarder Summit 2019

Exciting of all, we contributed part of our hardware work used in Tikoly back to the general public and developers who care about what we do, as an open hardware project, OpenTiko, hosted on Wikifactory. Hopefully, our contributors keep working hard to move the project out of private (unfinished) mode into version 1.0.

OpenTiko hosted on Wikifactory

Scaling up the Karma

We've been working as all other sleepy companies did since current Chatek team was formed in 2017. Our marketing efforts were mostly by word-of-mouth. If what we achieved in 2019 was a result of such simple way, we are more motivated to try more systematic marketing campaigns, as shown at, to test if we can scale up our exposure and market reach.

Karma, as a term promoted by many religions, seems to work well for Chatek, in almost everything we do to and contributed to our clients' success, or for the world at large. We truly believe in 'dong well by doing good' since day one we founded the partnerships behind Chatek LLC.

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